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Description of Video Download Manager

The fastest video downloader application on the store!

Downloader has special download algorithm that develop by our engineers. Just give it a try!

Video Download Manager is a video downloader application. You can use it simply and freely. There is no coast! Just use your internet connection.

This downloader application has a simple web browser. If you visit a web site that contains video or videos, the browser automatically detects all videos on the web page.

If there is a lots of quality on a page, for example if you navigate a page that contains just one video. But this video has lots of alternative qualities. The downloader will find all these videos links for you. You can just select one of them for the starting download the video. (Some of videos may be not detected automatically, these type of videos have to playing for available to download.

The 'Video Download Manager' can not support Youtube videos due to Youtube terms of service.


About the video downloader :

- Find all video links from the web page.

- Downloader can find alternative qualities for the user selection.

- Video Download task manager system. You can easily manage your video downloads.

- Download start, pause or stop. You can continue your downloads whenever you want.

- Video Download manager queue. You can download unlimited videos at the same time.

- When you start the downloading video, the app don't need to be open. All video downloads can be in background. You can go for sleep :) Add basket and download it on background just simple.

- Fast download system. There is a internet download manager system on this application. If you start downloading a video the video downloader will connect this content with multiple part connection. With this algorithm it gonna fastest download app on the play store. You can fastly download the video contents. The downloader will connect a file via multiple part. It'll slide a file and connect these parts at same time. Like internet download mananager.

- It supports huge file content. You can also download 4K videos. (if you find) There is no file limit. If you have enough storage in our side there is no problem ;)

- Advanced video search system.

- Download algorithm will detect over 25 video file extensions. (MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MKV, WMV, MPG, etc...)

- You can play online videos from the app. You don't have to download them. The Video Downloader also can be download these videos. (If you want to download)

- The downloaded videos will store on the your public 'Download' folder. You can also reach them with gallery.

Video download manager is a simple app to use. You can wath our Youtube tutorial video.

How to use application:

- Enter your search keywords then press go from keyboard

- The application will list the best results for you.

- You can just click the one of them then download it.

You can download videos from vimeo, instagram, facebook, etc..

This application is a video downloader application. If there is video steam on the screen, application automatically notify you.

Youtube downloader : Youtube downloader is not our bussines because of Youtube terms. Youtube downloader is not legal.

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APK Version 1.0.6
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